Getting Down To Basics with Traveling

Essential Tips in Facing Fears when you are Travelling

When it comes to the fear of the unknown, this is known as hodophobia. Such phobia in fact manifest itself in different kind of ways from hesitancy to traveling to new locations to the case of a near-inability of leaving home. There are those that are afraid of certain methods in transportation like trains or planes and there are also those that are afraid on various type of trips.


Much like other phobias, hodophobia tends to cause different physical symptoms like shaking, sweating or crying for some. There actually are some people who experiences headaches and there also are those who experience a gastrointestinal distress.

Another addition is that it makes it difficult in performing tasks that are involved on the trip. You probably may find this hard to navigate on the airport, cruising through the terminal or following on security procedures if in case there’s a delay. You probably may be confused as well when it comes to checking the hotel room, deciding where you should eat or perhaps read more the map.

Though it is seen that consulting with a mental health professional is the best way to cope with any phobia, a lot of people actually find that planning and organization will be able to help in combating the mild symptoms of hodophobia.

Planning your Routine

If you will drive to your destination, you should consider planning how far you are going to travel for every day. You need to make hotel reservations and to likewise take note about the locations of nearby restaurants. When you are going to travel through public carriers like a ship or perhaps a plane, see to it that you will confirm your bookings several days prior to leaving. It’s best that you will allow more time in arriving early and in making backup plans if ever there are delays.

Know What to Expect

You should consider looking online to get some information about what the place. When you will learn some important information first, you will be able to familiarize yourself on the area and you could also avoid bringing things that are prohibited.

Visualizing the Place

You should also consider picturing yourself in undergoing on all the steps of the journey. You should also consider visualizing yourself strolling through the airport also boarding the plane. Visualizations done successfully could help to build confidence and this will help to reduce stress as well.

Get Proper Rest and Hydrate yourself

Consider getting plenty of sleep as well until your scheduled trip. You should bring water throughout the trip as well as bringing some salty snacks. The exhaustion and dehydration will make the challenges a lot more difficult for you to face.

These may actually seem very common things to do when going on a journey, it is however the best way to face your fears on traveling.