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Everything You Should Know About a Garbage Disposal Replacement

If you are used to having a garbage disposal in your kitchen then not having it will be a challenge. You won’t necessarily have to remove every tiny bit of waste from the dishes when you are washing them. The garbage disposal can save you from having to unclog the sink every now and then as a result of accumulated food pieces. If it is time to replace your garbage disposal, you need to be careful about the choice you make so that you won’t end up with something inferior. It is a simple device and making a choice should not be that difficult. When you pick a quality disposer, it will serve you for longer and the experience will be positive. You need to decide whether you will buy a continuous feed disposer or a batch feed. In many places, you will find the continuous type and they are also easy to use. They are open-mouth which can be turned on and off via a wall switch. You will have to fit a stopper lid on the garbage disposal mouth if you want to activate the batch feed unit. This means there is no way the disposal can go off while you hand is in the drain. There will be plenty of time for you to pull out anything you would not want going down the unit before starting it. Batch feeds garbage disposals are less popular compared to continuous ones and they will cost you more money as well.

The motor size of the garbage disposer is something of interest too. This is rated in HP. It can be a third, half, three-quarter or 1 HP. You should not have problems in your kitchen if you are working with a 1/2 HP garbage disposal. Anything above 3/4 HP will make the kitchen experience much better for you because the operations will be much smoother not to mention there will be fewer jams. If you do not want to be constantly worrying what goes into the drain, go for a higher motor size. Check the garbage disposal grinding chamber too. This is where everything happens. The motor size goes hand in hand with the garbage disposal. You won’t spend a lot of time cleaning the grinding chamber if it is made of stainless steel and it will also last longer compared to the average ones.

When you overdo the waste you are throwing inside the garbage disposal, there will be a lot at stake and this is why the auto-reverse feature is crucial. The rotations of the garbage disposal will automatically reverse in the event that something gets stuck. This feature is crucial when there is an overload as well as tough materials in the drain.

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